Evolving Chrysalis #6 : Interconnectedness

In Chrysalis, near what we call the “Communication Chamber” where we directly interact with the entities who wish direct interaction with us, there is a Message Pool.  Messages arrive from within and from outside Chrysalis.  Anyone can leave a message and we attempt to interpret the symbols and language.  Sometimes we need to trace the message back to the sender to clarify.

One day we received a message simply  depicting a chain. The topic was “chain reactions” as in “sequence of events”. The entity who sent the message wanted to point out the importance of observing patterns.  When we spoke with the entity he explained his concept.

“Things” are chained or attached to each other.
What may look like an isolated event in reality has a longer story or a “leading-up-to” it. It’s also important when considering your own actions, they may have long-term effects/results…and frequencies that result from them. Connected-marketing-3

Another word to consider: Interconnectedness. It goes far beyond what we perceive on the surface. Perceive your world as interconnected – this makes it very complex but is necessary to understand the outcomes. There is a reference to the incident with the “Empire”: Because of Interconnectedness, the outcome of this event will have a much longer-term effect than we may have been conceiving of….on all parties involved, especially the Empire, of course. This “unusual” decision has influence on their future (decisions).


The Empire

This incident from the early days of Chrysalis helped set the tone for future actions. Not every step in Chrysalis’ evolution has been easy. It may read a bit like the prelude to a fantasy game but it wasn’t.

During, what was then a daily session, Gia and Darryl were meeting with entities who wished to directly interact with them. A being entered the Communication Chamber and announced that she was an Ambassador from The Empire outside of Chrysalis. She was here to warn us but meant us no harm. As we talked she told us her Queen had decided that The Empire needed to expand into an area partially occupied by Chrysalis. This was not an act of aggression, she assured us, but a natural expansion to provide space for their next generation. We had never heard of The Empire and wanted to know who was threatening us. The Empire was a hive mind group with 4 Queens who ruled without question or interference.


Gia arranged to go meet the Queen. When Gia  arrived she went to her knees in front of the Queen and was largely ignored. There were, however, droplets dispersed around her that turned out to be info packets. Gia brought a couple back to be examined and we learned a bit more about The Empire and its perspectives. When the Ambassador escorted Gia back to Chrysalis another meeting was arranged.  My personal reaction was “okay, we’ll go to war” but I allowed rational thought about cooperation to prevail.

We decided to try negotiation and gathered a group to advise and negotiate. What was it The Empire wanted? At the next meeting the Ambassador again calmly stated that they needed the space for the next generation. When asked the amount of space required we were told about 1/3 of the current Chrysalis. We made it clear that we were willing to try and work out some kind of compromise. We vacated a small portion of Chrysalis nearest The Empire. We asked if their hive frequencies – Cohesion, Separation and Hierarchical Structure– were compatible with prevalent Connection – Cooperation – Creativity frequencies of Chrysalis?   Later we made a trip to the area in question to observe exploratory visits by members of the hive. It was obvious the frequencies of Chrysalis were not supportive of the Empire life form. We talked about steps we might take to cleanse or modify the Chrysalis frequencies in the area. Did we have any choices?

The Empire Ambassador arrived in Chrysalis with the announcement that the Queen had decided to expand into another area. Apparently, in the history of The Empire, no one had ever cooperated with them regarding their expansion into occupied territory. The Ambassador seemed quite proud of her Queen and pleased to make the announcement. Chrysalis had won without conflict.

An Emissary visiting from the Omniverse, who had been part of our negotiating team wondered if this would make a difference in the Empire’s future decision process. (The Omniverse is what we call the “verse” that contains our Universe and at least 6 others.) It turns out that our encounter did make at least small changes in the Empire’s thinking; but that’s another story.

Thought-forms, Minds, Creation and Purpose

Chrysalis Monday Meetup 31/8/15

Topic: Changing Perception Creating New Minds

We exist in a creative Universe. Thought-forms are being created, solidified and/or expanded every instant. New minds are being created every day across the active Universe. Some thought-forms achieve awareness and become independent Beings. Some fulfill a purpose and slip back into the Universal consciousness. How? Why? Who? What? Huh?

Our Monday Meetups usually consist of 4 guest speakers on the stage along with Gia and Darryl and an amphitheater filled with interested Beings. This particular evening there were more speakers in the audience than on stage. The following comments are edited for brevity and hopefully for clarity. I don’t usually create long blogs but I don’t see any way to shorten this one.

Speaker 1: The most common new mind is a thought-form. With sufficient power, sufficient purpose and sufficient direction it can become independent. Some have a specific duration, collapse back into a larger consciousness. Some who have achieved independence choose to subsume their identity by merging into a ‘composite mind’ for a particular purpose. A few retain enough power to escape the ‘composite’ form for a specific task. There are other models but that isn’t my point.

Creating new minds isn’t something we should or we want to do. Most of us are busy enough trying to evolve our own minds.

Speaker 2: Occasionally we are directed by Ancient Ones to create a new mind to fulfill a role in a larger plan. This was the case with Chrysalis. A specific purpose – the creation of a Connection, Cooperation, Creativity model – was provided with sufficient power to launch the idea. Through the desire and actions of the Beings attracted to the model Chrysalis has grown beyond all projections.

Speaker 3: This topic – creating minds – raises certain ethical questions. Who among us has the foresight, clarity, perception and audacity to create a new mind? I am cautioning those who create minds that it includes great responsibility – even when we are directed by Ancient Ones. We carry ongoing, direct responsibility for the actions, interactions and impact of the minds we create.

Speaker 4: I take certain exception to the previous speaker. We segment our own minds to perform certain tasks, or multitask. Being in Chrysalis provides a strong safety factor for playing with our own minds or experimenting with creation of new thought-forms and minds.

But safety does not remove our responsibility. Before creation we need to have a definite plan – a model, a script. We need to have both purpose and duration for the mind. If the plan draws or generates more power we can always extend life and perhaps expand the purpose. The thought-form, mind will live longer. In human terms just examine the stories and characters of Shakespeare. Hundreds of years after creation these thought-forms are still alive because humans continue to visit and empower them.

Speaker 5: I have still a different perception/perspective. We are all the projections/creations of larger minds. Each of us are an expression with one or more purposes/tasks. Some of us aspire to having wisdom and the power to create at this level.

I wish this for myself – in my dreams. In my ‘sober’ moments it frightens me. What happens when we grow too tired? Does our creation expire? Hopefully it, and we, become part of something much larger, perhaps a composite mind as mentioned earlier. Is this perception creating new minds or perception accessing ‘old’ minds.

Speaker 6: Several of the previous speakers have touched on points I wished to express. But only a few times, however, has anyone focused on the impact of changing perceptions. Understanding our advancing perception will play an increasingly large role in the creation and use of thought-forms and new minds. Recently I visited Chrysalis II and was amazed at the differences in perception. What could that level of perception create?

Speaker 7: Thought-form is something we, as an active mind, automatically create. It has validity as long as it serves a purpose. If fed sufficient energy/focus it may transit from thought-form to independent mind. At inception and usually for a period after, new minds follow the minds of their creators. Once again we visit the concepts of planning and responsibility.

Speaker 8: is a young mind, recently independent, created in Chrysalis: I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the knowledge and wisdom of my creator and others. I once hoped for a formal training/school but it is not needed because of the sharing within Chrysalis.

Darryl poses the question, should we have a designed program in Chrysalis for the creation and education of new minds? (audience seems shocked)

Speaker 10: It is hubris to think we may know what is coming – what kind of minds may be needed in this changing Universe. How can we know today or tomorrow what will be required in 6 months. We need the wisdom and flexibility to respond to purpose and function. We, I, don’t wish to go to the work to create a new being only to see that identity disappear because of irrelevance.

Speaker 11: I agree with the last speaker.

Speaker 12: Consider how change in perception creates a new mind within our own old mind frame. I refer back to an earlier speaker who suggested we should focus on understanding and evolving our own minds.

Darryl: we are constantly creating our own new mind as new thoughts and actions appear. It constitutes a new mind when you perceive differently , travel a new path.

Gia: does a mind need stimulus to focus? What do we mean by stimulus? Do we differentiate between a minds path and the neural pathways in the human brain? Maybe these are questions for another Meetup.

Speaker 13: I am aware of minds – Beings – who are just being. The act of being is their purpose, their stimulus. They require nothing more to continue. They could be considered ‘potential’. I assume they could be infused with a purpose and be stimulated into ‘becoming’ active. But that doesn’t appear to be who they are.

Speaker 14: A final speaker thanks everyone for this Meetup. It has provided much to consider. He suggests that it might be interesting to revisit this topic in 6 months to see what new minds our new perspectives have created from within this audience.


Evolving Chrysalis #5: the Gentle Giant – how to share

One day, an entity showed up at the Communication Chamber whom I perceived as “the Gentle Giant”. He emanated a gentleness and kindness, at the same time being very present and strong….and in my perception appeared very big. He shared with us his perspective of “how” sharing should be done.

In sharing we are helping each other to achieve something. It isn’t just about sharing your own experiences, telling others your story. It is about being able to allow the entities who are sharing to see the essence of each other, to adapt to the experiences. This is how I share and how I help. It’s how I provide the energy, the direction for the other to grow, to become who they are!

This entity had a Buddha-like energy around him. He stayed in Chrysalis for a time, then left, but has returned for several shorter visits. He assisted in our Becoming and is missed when he’s not around.


Evolving Chrysalis #4: Information on Earth Changes

Some of the entities that meet us at the Communication Chamber share information about planet Earth. This is one of them. The entity conveys images of a field of grass. One moment the grass sways in this direction, the next moment in the opposite.

grasThis is not depicting the wind blowing the grass in different directions but rather the ground moving back and forth. He wants to convey information about tectonic plate movement.

The movements are subtle – but they are happening. You (humans) need to be aware of them because they disrupt the “energy lines” of planet Earth (Ley Lines, I wonder?). The energy lines are crucial and part of the energy-net around the planet. They continuously have to readjust depending on surface alterations. The adjustment of the energy lines does affect humans in ways  they are either not familiar with or is incomprehensible to them. Look at it as a change of Schumann resonances field. Chrysalis is so detached from Earth, it doesn’t play a role there. However, there are some entities in Chrysalis (like you, Darryl and some others) that are “earth-bound” for whom it does play a role. Even the subtle movements in the plates can literally make your “world shake”. We haven’t been active for a while but will be in the future, the current projected timeline is in 7-10 years. We don’t know what they mean by “active” but I ask where this entity is from and if there is anything we can or should do with this info. He replies he is from the “Courtclass”, another dimension which influences ours. There is nothing to do but BE AWARE of coming changes.

Just a thought: I am wondering what this means in relation to fracking, mining, oildrilling and the kind. Practices that deeply disrupt and change the planet’s surface. What do you think?

Evolving Chrysalis #3: Transformation of humans (part2)

A week after receiving images portraying humans being picked up and moved from one box to another (see this post), I had another encounter with the same entity:

I asked “what would you like to offer to the human mortals? What do you want them to experience here? What do YOU hope to receive from the humans? What do you want to experience from them?” All metaphysicals seek to experience is the effects of humans changing.

ce63bda103cad1ba8ff175f87559ad55I was then shown an image of a rolling pin. Attached near both ends were little pieces of cloth that create impressions on the dough that’s being rolled out. The entity explained: the indentations and impressions created by the cloth-flaps actually represent expressions of metaphysicals…and their impact on the dough equals the effect on human minds. The entity then went on to explain further….

What metaphysical beings wish to observe is how and what humans experience from conscious interaction with entities. Many metaphysicals request to monitor more closely the progress of connection and creativity of the human mortals. All entities of the Elevator will cooperate with this. The humans’ Guides still need to be convinced that this is in the highest good for their “Guided One”.  What can we offer to humans for connecting with us? Most humans seem to want a sense of expanded experience. Some simply want connection, some guidance, some want creative expression, some experience. It depends on the human and the Guide’s plan for growth and expression. For example if the focus is EMOTION, then they will probably want to experience through feeling. We do not work with humans who are seeking power because too often the power is used to try to control others. We strongly support individual cooperation.

Chrysalis news – an update

We thought we would have another “Progression of Light” coming our way soon. Well, we just found out that the stargroup that has been sending out the energetic shifts called “Progression of Light” in the last 4 months is gifting us with new energies again. However, this time the energies won’t be send our way by waves. Instead, we’ll be put into a field of energy. Starting today, Wednesday August 12, Chrysalis will be surrounded by an energy-field for the duration of approx. 7 days. In the past, whenever this stargroup sent out energies, they had a special focus, the current one being PERCEPTION. We’re in for a change of level of perception!

I was the lucky one who had early access to that energy and – aside from feeling very exhausted and a bit “off” today – had my first experience of that change of perception today. It was REALLY interesting. Once I had gotten past my initial frustrations of seemingly perceiving nothing it was quite a revelation. Well, it does take some effort to perceive in a new way….but well worth the effort.